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This website with all the individual webpages (hereinafter the “pages”) is owned by ALUMIL S.A. (hereinafter the “Company”) and is intended to present to the public via the Internet the Company and its affiliated companies (hereinafter “the Group”).

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Using the website implies full acceptance of the following terms of use, that apply to all content, pages, graphics, images, photographs and files included in this website. Thus, the visitor/user of the pages on this website should read these terms carefully before visiting or using the Company’s pages. If he/she does not so agree, then he/she should stop visiting the pages and not make use of their content.

The Company assumes the responsibility to make every effort possible to ensure the accuracy of the information made available to visitors to the website However, it cannot guarantee that the pages, services, options and content will be provided uninterruptedly or error free or that, errors will be corrected immediately, and it assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions therein or for results that may arise from the use thereof. In addition, the Company does not guarantee that this or any other website or the servers through which they are made available to visitors/users are free of “viruses” or other harmful programmes, but it makes every effort, by using the most modern and effective methods, to ensure the safe use of this website.

Any hyperlinks or banners on this website (appearing solely for the purpose of facilitating contact of visitors/users with those responsible for providing additional information) may direct users to websites on other servers, which cannot be controlled by the Company. Therefore the Company assumes no responsibility for the content of the afore-mentioned websites or for any damages arising from their use. For any problem arising during a visit/use of these sites and pages, direct communication should be made with the respective websites, pages and their owners, who bear the relevant responsibility. In no case can it be assumed that the Company approves or accepts the contents or services of the websites and pages to which it refers or is linked in any other way.

The data provided in the section “Stock Information” are supplied by third parties and therefore the Company is not responsible for the accuracy of this information or any delays or interruptions in the updating of stock data referred to in this section.

The Company shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the visitor/user from the use of the pages. The contents of the pages are provided “as is” without any explicit or inferred warranty. All information is provided for general information purposes only. If the visitor/user to the pages intends to make use of any information provided in the pages, he/she must first contact the Company via the contact form provided on the website and the Company, at its discretion, will arrange to provide timely and accurate information.

The website is intended to be in operation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The Company reserves the right to decide the suspension or termination of access to part of and/or the entire website, if circumstances arise beyond its control, which necessitate the suspension or termination of access, such as, indicatively, in the event of malfunctioning information systems or telecommunications networks, technical problems or for reasons of regular or emergency maintenance or in the event of other major emergencies.

The Company reserves the right to modify the format and content of the website, whenever this is deemed necessary and without prior notice.
The visitor/user of the site must use the information and data provided therein in a lawful manner and in accordance with good faith and morality. Otherwise, he/she assumes responsibility for the remuneration of any damage, which the Company may suffer from the illegal or improper use.
Users are also prohibited from importing in any way to the Company website any malicious software or data that would alter or may possibly alter the appearance and integrity of the website’s data and organization. In such a case, the Company will take all appropriate legal action to restore any damages it may suffer.

Privacy Policy

The Company has access to personal data, which are voluntarily submitted by the visitor/user and it reserves the right to process them exclusively for communication, statistics, and financial reasons and to improve services provided by the website. The Company may transfer this information to its partners in order to respond precisely to quote requests. The Company can also transfer personal data third parties (natural or legal entity) in cases where there is solely a legal obligation to the competent persons or authorities. Visitors’/users’ personal data is deleted upon request of the person concerned, through the contact form provided on the website

For optimal website navigation, tracking techniques may be used.  With respect to all information collected in this way, the right of access, modification and deletion of personal data contained therein is retained. The Company will never provide users’ personal data to third parties, unless explicitly requested to do so by the user him/herself. The Company deletes the IP addresses of users six months after their last visit to the website.

Each time you visit the Company website, a cookie file is created. Cookie files record information about your visit to our website (pages visited, date and time of your visit, etc.) on the hard drive of your computer. This information can be used when you next visit the site. The cookie remains on your computer for a period of 30 minutes. You can exclude cookie files by modifying your browser security settings on the internet.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

The content of the pages of this website (indicatively, images, trademarks, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, services and generally all the files on this website) constitute intellectual property, trademarks and service marks of the Company or other companies in the ALUMIL Group and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions. Therefore, none of the above, in total or in part, may be sold, copied, amended, reproduced, republished, downloaded, transmitted or distributed in any way.

The visitor/user is able to store individually a copy of part of the contents of this website on his/her personal computer for personal and not public or commercial use and without removing the indication of their origin from the Company, without affecting in any way the intellectual and industrial property rights.

All other distinctive features, products or services mentioned on the pages of this website and which bear the trademarks of the respective organizations, companies, affiliates, agencies, associations and publications, are their intellectual and industrial property and therefore these institutions bear respective rights concerning their protection.

Applicable law and other terms

The afore-mentioned terms and conditions for the usage of the pages, as well as any amendment, alteration or distortion thereof, shall be governed by Greek law and European Union law and the relevant international treaties.

Any provision in the afore-mentioned terms that may become contradictory to the above sources of law, ceases ipso jure to apply and is removed without, in any way, affecting the validity of the remaining terms.

For any dispute that may arise from the use of this website, the Courts of Thessaloniki are exclusively competent.


Company retains access to personal information that the visitor / user voluntarily submits and reserves the right to process it solely for the purposes of communication, statistics, finance and improvement of the services provided by the Website.

Full policy

1. Who is accountable for your data? Where shall you address for the exercise of your rights?

1.1. Controller of your Data is the SA company under the name ‘ALUMIL ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY SA’, seated in the Industrial Area of Stavrochori-Kilkis as legally represented, with the following telephone number 2341079300 and e-mail address (‘the Company’)

1.2. The above Controller Company has appointed a Data Protection Officer with contact e-mail In the above e-mail address of the Data Protection Officer, you can address all requests for exercising all of your below mentioned rights (under 3.1 -3.7)

2. Company’s general principles regarding the transparent information.

2.1. Any piece of information that is provided with the present and any other information that may be asked in the future, is provided free of charge, subject to the requirement not to be repeated, excessive or manifestly unjustified (see under 2.3).

2.2. For each of the above-mentioned rights that you exercise, the Company will reply within one (1) month from the receipt of the request or in the case of objective difficulties, complexity of the request or the number of requests, the Company shall respond, within a maximum period of three (3) months in total, either by accomplishing your request or by justifiably refusing to perform what you have requested for legitimate reasons expressly specified in General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016.

2.3. In the event that the Company considers that one of your above mentioned rights is being exercised manifestly unjustified or the request is excessive or (to a greater extent) has a repetitive character, it is entitled, on one hand, to charge you with a reasonable fee in order to provide further information (which in principle is free of charge) and, on the other hand, to refuse to respond to the request.

2.4. In case where the Company has reasonable doubts as for your identity when you submit a request for exercising one of your above rights, it may ask you to provide further information, necessary for confirming your identity, before the processing of your request.

2.5. In the event that the Company delays beyond the reasonable period of time to respond to your request, and in any other occasion where you consider that any of your rights is being violated, or the Company doesn’t comply with its Obligations regarding the retention of your Data, you have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority (Hellenic Data Protection Authority, Athens, Kifisias 1-3, P.C. 115 23, Athens,, +30-210 6475600).

2.6. You reserve the right to withdraw your previously (possibly) given consent at any time by submitting a relevant written request to the e-mail address of the Data Protection Officer (see 1.2)

3. Which are your rights in relation to the Personal Data that you provided us with?

3.1. Right to be informed

You reserve the right to request information in relation to the personal data which we have received from you and we maintain for one or more purposes, as described below under clauses A to D. The present text constitutes in its entirety a manual of basic awareness and understanding of the philosophy of the regulatory framework that runs through the protection of your personal data. Update, further explanation, and clarifications as for this text can be provided to you, following your request for the exercise of your right to be informed. (see how in 1.2)

3.2. Right to access

You reserve the right to request from our Company access to your information that we maintain and confirmation as to whether they are being processed, and more specifically, information about the purposes of the processing, the categories of personal data, the recipients or the categories of recipients, the period for which the data will be stored and processed, the right to lodge a complaint with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, any available information about the origin of the data, if the data have not been obtained from you, the existence or not of automated decision-making including profiling and the related methodology, safeguards about the policy we follow when transfers to third countries are being carried out, and a copy of the personal date being kept and processed. (see how in 1.2)

3.3. Right to rectification

You reserve the right to request from our Company rectification of your data, in case any of the data that we have the right to process has been altered or incorrectly submitted. (see how in 1.2)

3.4. Right to erasure

You reserve the right to request from our Company the complete or partial erasure of your data that we are entitled to store and process, either because they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected, either because you withdraw your consent, or because your data were collected for a purpose that you consider illegal. Our Company, within a reasonable period of time (no more than one month, and under circumstances, if there is difficulty, no more than three months in total) shall reply to you by confirming the complete or partial erasure of your data or the inability to erase some data, if any law or the performance of a task carried out in the public interest, or the right of freedom of expression and information, or the exercise or defence of any legal claim requires their maintenance. In such a case, on one hand, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, and on the other hand, the right to an effective judicial remedy. (see how in 1.2)

3.5. Right to restriction

You reserve the right to request from our Company to restrict the processing of your data, in terms of quantity, time or in relation to the purpose of their processing, and more specifically (a) either because you contest the accuracy of your data and for as long as the Company needs in order to verify its accuracy, (b) either because you consider the processing to be illegal, and instead of the erasure of the data you opt for its restriction, (c) either because its use from the Company is no longer needed, however, you don’t wish its erasure since their preservation shall serve for some juridical claim, (d) or, in case where you have objections to the processing of the data and until it is verified that your rights as a Data Subject are overriding the Company’s legitimate grounds for processing (see how in 1.2).

3.6. Right to portability

You reserve the right to receive the personal data you have provided us with, in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, as well as the right to transfer them further without objection, given that the processing is being carried out on the grounds of your consent. In the context of the exercise of this right, you may also request direct transfer from the Company to the third entity without your own intervention.

The present right is exercised, subject to the conditions of erasure, as described above (under 3.4) and its exercise shall not adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others.

3.7. Right to object

3.7.1 You reserve the right to object to the use of your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing purposes and specially to profiling related to this direct marketing. (see how in 1.2)

3.7.2 There is no such right in the case of Potential Employees and visitors of the Company’s establishments, as this Data are not transferred to the Marketing department and they do not undergo such treatment.

4. Is there any possibility that you Data are transferred somewhere else?

There is no provision that your Data shall be transferred to any organization outside the Company itself and its subsidiaries, with the exception of (a) the service providers for our Company’s electronic systems and networks – and for the sole purpose of the performance on their behalf of the contract to support our Company and (b) the competent tax authorities within the framework of our mandatory compliance with the tax legislation and to the extent (and given) that it is necessary.

5. Safeguards We assure you that the Company shall take any technical and organisational data protection means and shall make only the optimum, minimum and absolutely necessary use and processing of your Data, as defined by the law, and strictly and exclusively for the purpose for which you have provided them to us.

Specific provisions regarding the individual categories of Personal Data Subjects, that apply cumulatively with the above general provisions of the Policy.


A.1. Purpose: The receipt, processing and preservation of your Data that were given exclusively in the framework of communication, is executed for the sole purpose of your briefing about our Company’s products and actions. The entirety of your Data are kept only for this purpose and they undergo processing only from the Marketing Department of our Company.

A.2. Legitimate Basis of the Processing: Your consent to the processing of your Data, in order to fulfil the above mentioned relevant purposes, constitutes the legitimate basis of this processing, in accordance with Article 6(1)(a) of the Regulation on the protection of personal data.

A.3. Data Retention Period: In order to fulfil the above mention purpose of the processing, namely your briefing about our products and actions, we consider it reasonable and necessary to store your relevant Data for a period of three (3) years. After three years from the time you provided your consent, the relevant Data shall be deleted, unless you provide us anew with your consent under the above conditions.


B.1. Nature – Legitimate Basis:

(a) during the pre-contractual phase and specially in case of filling in an electronic contact form on our website, or direct sending e-mail, or communication by telephone, or filling in a hardcopy document (in this way you provide us with your full name/e-mail address or/and telephone number or/and Address or/and profession or/and our products that you are interested in), purpose of the processing is the evaluation of a possible transaction with the Company and legitimate basis the service of the Company’s legitimate interest to pursue its commercial purposes, responding to the requested communication to investigate the possible transaction with you.

(b) In case that a transaction with the Company is realized, the Data that you have provided us with during the pre-contractual phase (as well as all that you shall provide us with in the framework of our transaction) shall be processed for the purpose of implementing the contract between us and of our compliance with tax legislation. In this case, legitimate basis of the processing is the performance of the contract between us and our compliance with the legislation (Article 6(1)(b) and (c) of the Regulation on the protection of personal data).

B.2. Data Retention Period.

We shall keep the above under B.1.(a) Data for five (5) years and afterwards we shall erase them. Regarding the above under B.1.(b) Data, shall be reserved for as long as it is necessary according to tax legislation.

B.3. Specifically, regarding the subject’s Data that we receive during the commercial expositions, the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of the ‘Attendee form’ that the interested individuals are asked to fill in, remains in effect.


C.1. Purpose: The receipt, processing and preservation of your Data that refer to your identity and the time spent in our Company’s establishments, takes place in favor of the sole purpose of security and protection of the people in the Company’s establishments (e.g. employees, visitors) as much as the Company’s general equipment (for example building, electronic etc.)

C.2 Legitimate Basis of the Processing

Your consent to the processing of your Data, in order to fulfil the above mentioned relevant purposes, constitutes the legitimate basis of this processing, in accordance with Article 6(1)(a) of the Regulation regarding the protection of personal data.

C.3. Data Retention Period

In order to fulfil the above mentioned purpose related to the privacy and protection of the people in the Company’s establishments (e.g. employees, visitors) as much as the Company’s general equipment (for example building, electronic etc.), we consider it reasonable and necessary to store your relevant Data for a period of fifteen (15) days. After fifteen (15) days from the time you entered the Company’s facilities, the relevant file with the entirety of your information shall be erased.


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Please read this policy in conjunction with our privacy notice, which sets out additional details on how we use personally identifiable information and your various rights.

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